In language teaching, story is always there.

The LessonStream Story Course is for all practising teachers – especially English language teachers who work with teenagers & adults.

stories are your best lesson plans

In this course, you will:

What you get: 12 units; 48 video posts; a lesson plan library; community access

48 video posts, each including:

The units

Each unit consists of 4 story posts

Meet Your Teacher

Jamie Keddie started off with a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Realizing that he actually wanted to be a musician, he spent most of his twenties studying at Leeds College of Music in Yorkshire, England. After that, he worked as a singer-piano player on ships, but nothing too glamorous.

In 2001 Jamie moved to Barcelona and became an English language teacher. Gradually, his passion moved from music to education, video and storytelling.

As a trainer, Jamie has shared his ideas and insights with teachers and educators in over 40 countries.

Jamie is the winner of a prestigious British Council ELTon award for innovation. He is the author of Images (Oxford University Press, 2008), Bringing online video into the classroom (Oxford University Press, 2014) and Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom (LessonStream Books, 2017).


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Frequently Asked Questions

The LessonStream Story Course is ongoing. You can join whenever you like.

Since July 2021, participants have been receiving one story post every two weeks. In June 2022, we crossed the halfway mark.

As soon as you join, you get instant access to all content so far and everything else that’s coming.

When you purchase the course you get lifetime access to all of the content as well as any future versions/updates.

Included in your purchase is 12 months in the LessonStream Membership, That gives you access to the Fishbowl – our community forum – and also the lesson plan library.

The LessonStream Story Course is for all practising teachers, especially language teachers who work with teenagers and adults.

There are two ways to pay: by credit/debit card or by PayPal.

This is a practical course, designed to support busy teachers. It is designed to help you – not add to your workload.

Each video is about 6 minutes long.

There is no obligation to watch all of the videos or get involved in the challenges or discussions.

Importantly, each story post is a stand-alone. That means that you can work through them in any order. You can pick and mix. You can jump in and jump out.

You can choose to watch only the videos that interest you. Or you can work through the entire course from beginning to end.

It’s completely up to you.

This is an asynchronous course. And nothing is time limited. That means that you can watch the videos and get involved in the discussions/tasks as and when you like – Netflix style!

All discussions take place in The Fishbowl – the LessonStream community forum.