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Visual puns

AI-generated wordplay images (B1/B2)

The Metamorphosis

Giving AI visual life to Kafka's classic novel (C1)

AI picture-telling

Describing images to bots (A2 upwards)

Everyday humans

The school of humanist photography (B2 – C2)

Pont des Arts

Picture-telling a 1953 photograph by Robert Doisneau (B1/B2)

What do you see?

Three short art activities (A1 – B2)

How they met themselves

Would you hang this painting on your wall? (B1)


A short story of regret (A2/B1)


A superlative picture-telling activity (A2/B1)

Romeo & Juliet are fish!

An email misunderstanding (B1 upwards)

Chickens crossing

A grammar drawing activity (A1/A2)

A risky acquisition

A story of real estate & death (B1/B2)

Prank calls

Three short lesson plans (A2 – B2)

Romeo & Juliet

Lateral thinking puzzles (A2 upwards)

How stories work

The fundamental principles of story (A2 upwards)

An elephant in the fridge

Writing a note of explanation (A2/B1)

Some, any, no, every

Book images for a language point (A2/B1)

The woman with the big heart

A story about love & vulnerability (A2/B1)

“How to” books

12 self-help books (A2 upwards)


Book images for a grammar point (B1 upwards)

Conversation piece

A conversation about a broken vase (A2)

The businessman & the fisherman

A short story with a moral (A2/B1)

Can & can’t

A misunderstood pronunciation point (A2)

Sophie Scholl

Truth is the first casualty of war (B1/B2)

Tappers & listeners

A famous psychology experiment (B1 upwards)

ChatGPT ideas

A new era of the internet (all levels)

Blob on the bridge

An 2007 internet story told in images (B1/B2)

Visual idioms

How they are used in English (B1 upwards)

Lying on the pavement

Has he been drinking? Is he injured? Is he mad? (A2/B1)

Dinner for one

A seasonal lesson plan (A2 upwards)

Left on the shelf

A story of love gained and love lost (B1)


The story of a fruity boom! (A2)

Escape – part two

A critical look at a pop song (B2 - C2)


A story of infidelity & cocktails (B1)


Losing control of your laughter (B1/B2)

I know an old lady

A nonsense song (A1)

Make & do drawings

Student-generated flashcards (B1 upwards)

Passive drawings

Student-generated flashcards (B1/B2)


A quick grammar activity (A2/B1)

Monkey dentist

Working with a video transcript (A2)

Would you rather?

Debating dilemmas (B1)

Compare the logos

Two multinational corporations (B1/B2)

Halfway Down

Where do you go to think? (A1/A2)

Unlucky Roy

An unlucky world record holder

You don’t like fish?

Fish pushers and fussy eaters (A1/A2)

The Lady of Shalott

A story from a famous poem (B1 – C1)

Water of life

The story of a life saved by whiskey (A1/B2)

Dalai Lama joke

A story of holy miscomprehension (B1)

The maverick fish

A reading activity (B1/B2)

Homesick & out of love

A drawing activity (A1 upwards)

Frog in a raindrop

Picture-telling a wildlife image (B1)

Big wishes

The voices of nine young Afghan women (B1)


An infamous story from TV history (B1/B2)

Lepus arcticus

An Arctic resident’s lucky escape (B1)

Ukrainian illustrators on Instagram

Images from the war in Ukraine (B1)

Manchurian incident

A history activity (B1 to C1)

Adverbs song

A comedy song with a grammar point (B1)

Negative space

A flash fiction story about a father and son (B1/B2)


A comical iconic photograph from 1974 (B2)

Compare the texts

One story, two sources (B1 upwards)