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Bad restaurant experiences

Students share stories about bad restaurant experiences (A2+) Topics: restaurants; complaints

Halloween horror story

Students take inspiration from a horror story to write a similar one of their own (B1+) Topics: Halloween; horror stories

A smooth character?

Listening to the description of a controversial cartoon character (B1/B2) Topics: tobacco advertising; smoking

Product placement

Listening to a description of a famous film scene (B1) Topics: superheroes, product placement, the tobacco industry


Considering how to turn a story into a professionally-produced video (B1 +) Topics: prank videos; video production

A man with a passion

Reading and evaluating a blog post (B2) Topics: depictions of disability in the media; stereotyping

Honesty test

Exploring the implications of a “social experiment” (B1) Topics: making generalisations; the social media; honesty

Horrible vacation

Teacher-led storytelling (B1) Topics: relationships & breaking up

Blind luck

Teacher-led storytelling (B1) Topics: gambling; dishonesty

Station squabble

Reading/listening to the story behind an image (B2) Topic: wildlife photography

Using art in the classroom

A 6-part series from Onestopenglish

Your monkey keeps stealing my peanuts

Sourcing & preparing a joke (A2 / B1) Topic: jokes

Office job

The Black Hole part 2 (B1+) Topic: An opportunistic crime

The Black Hole

Teacher-led storytelling (B1+) Topic: greed

First day at your new school

Listening to the story behind an image (B1+) Topics: US history; racism, bullying

The Amazon machine

Reporting a story as a journalist would (B2+) Topics: Amazon; the media; propaganda

The box

Retelling a story (B1+) Topic: prison

Bridge story

Designing a story based on a simple idea (B1+) Topic: stories with morals

Birth of a movement

Working with a video text (B2) Topics: leadership; social & political movements; innovation

Social distancing

Interactive teacher-led storytelling (B1+) Topics: COVID-19 & social distancing

Pogo & the mystery object

Interactive teacher-led storytelling (B1+) Language focus: a juicy conditional structure

Drop bears!

Speculating about the story behind a video still (B1+) Topics: Australia; hoaxes & practical jokes; fictitious creatures

Three people, three problems

Students construct a narrative from a selection of story items (B1+) Topics: karma; citizenship

Super goldfish

Seeding a story from a drawing (A2+) Topics: goldfish & super powers

Videotelling ebook

45 video-based stories for the virtual or face-to-face classroom

“They cancel each other out”

Writing & acting out a dialogue (A2+) Topics: road safety; road rage


Video prediction (A2+) Topic: football

Plane seat punch

Students investigate a story & discuss an ethical issue (B1+) Topics: air travel; public arguments


Working with a video text (B2) Topic: intelligence & perceptions of it

The sweetest little guy

Storytelling gap fill & text reconstruction (A2) Language focus: present simple & present continuous

All is not well at the beach

Teacher-led videotelling (B1+) Topic: plastic pollution

A problem shared

Students work with a video text (B1+) Topic: families, love life, growing up too fast, worrying

Two crab fishermen

Teacher-led videotelling (B1+) Topic: fishing

Googly eyes

Language focus: look & look like (B1+) Topics: sea exploration; unusual sea creatures

Musical story

Creative writing (A2+) Topics: musical associations

Spider surprise

Students share stories based on a theme (B1+) Topics: phobias & Irrational fears; sexism & gender stereotyping

T. rex joke

Language focus: comparative & superlative adjectives; question forms (A2+) Topics: natural history; dinosaurs


Using story items (B1+) Topics: YouTube & viral videos; humans & dogs; the nature of humour

Frog in a raindrop

Picture-telling (B1+) Wildlife

Mr O’s circle

Students share opinions about a story (B1+) Topics: mathematics; storytelling in the classroom

V-J Day in NYC

Writing a story about a famous photograph (B1+) Language focus: the verb to wonder

Romeo & Juliet

Students co-construct a narrative to explain a situation (A2+) Language focus: question forms

Ten-pound note

Retelling a story (A2+)

Videotelling images III

High resolution images from the book

Videotelling images II

High resolution images from the book

Videotelling images I

High resolution images from the book

Headless chickens

Picture-telling (B1+) Topics: politics, the media & the climate emergency

Scary film scenes

Describing a film scene in the present narrative (B1+) Topic: scary films; Halloween

An unwanted visitor

Videotelling (B1+) Topic: human-animal relationships